Get Noticed 2017 – I’m in the finals!

By | June 8, 2017

For the last 3 months I’ve been participating in Get Noticed contest, just like a year ago. I’ve persevered to end of the contest just like almost 200 people out of almost 1000 that started it. In the last week we as contestants was supposed to vote for other projects to choose 25 finalists from ourselves.

And it appears I’ve got to the finals just like a year ago. I’m kinda surprised because a year ago I’ve been a newbie and a lot of my posts was about Entity Framework or other basic stuff. Also, I’ve been writing in my native language – Polish. Since Akka.NET is (sadly) pretty niche topic right now and other stuff I’ve been writing about is quite popular, there are topics with much smaller amount of interested readers than for example Entity Framework, Repository pattern or other basics.

And while I wasn’t expected that – I’m one of 25 chosen finalists. I think I don’t have to say that I feel great with that.

You can see blogs of 25 finalists (and mine among them) in this link (link contents are in Polish language). You can vote there on your favourites and winners will get some pretty neat prices. While I, of course, encourage you to vote and of course I would be extremely glad if you would cast your vote for me, there is something else I want you to look at.

Pretty much everyone who participated in Get Noticed was courageous, ambitious or just willing to do something beyond 8 hours of standard 9-5 job. It is worth of applause by itself.

And those 25 finalists? We’ve chosen them ourselves. Each one of them done something great in his/hers own unique way. I think even if you don’t give a shit about voting – you could want to take a look what they’ve done.

Some of those blogs are in Polish, and some of them are in English. I really hope you’ll find something that you’ll like! I can, for example, say that winner of the previous edition – Piotr Gankiewicz – started (AFAIK) his blogging and speaking adventure with Get Noticed contest previous year, and he’d done a lot of very inspiring and impressive things with his project, career and other activities. I think mentioned list of finalists is the best place to look for people like him right now!

PS. If you’re trying to talk with companion bot for Me 2.0 – please do use natural, English language. I haven’t played with Bot Framework and LUIS just for you to write phrases like “SQL”, “C#” and such ;).