Thank you 2016. You were just what I’ve needed!

By | December 29, 2016

Some people can say 2016 was terrible year, for me it was one of the best, one of the most productive years as far as I remember. It was sort of game changer to me. So if you believe in balance in the universe, and last 12 month weren’t so good for you, you must think there is a guy somehere, who stole your good fortune. Yup, it’s me. I’m terribly sorry for that and … I intend to make 2017 even better, at least for me ;).

But, hold on a sec. Weren’t my previous posts writen in Polish? Yest, they were. This is one of the changes that I’m thinking about. This is last post in this year, and first that is in English. We’ll get back to it later.

I’ve started this blog around 10 months ago. In this time I’ve created and published 36 posts. Almost a year later, when I read them and look at code from that time, I can see a really, really big progress. I know so much more now, I’ve learned and discovered so much till then, and there’s still new things waiting for me and I think it’ll always be “some more”.

And skill is not the only one thing that I’ve got in this time. I’ve done few technical talks on some events, and while first one was in fact quite stressful, every next one is better and instead of feeling stressed I’m more thrilled. Amazing feeling and if you haven’t been a speaker, next year is as good moment as any to simply try it. You will be scarred, your hands will shake, and you will ask yourself “Why exactly I am doing this?”. I know because I did. Now I’m preparing next speech and sketching plan for even one more (and in my head there is another one being born!) because along with writing a blog it’s one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

And while I’m writing about stress I must mention that during this year, I’m not only happier and less stressed, but simply became a better person.

But enough with “It’s so awesome” talk. Let’s go into the future. While I’m not a believer in new year resolutions, I have some plans, goals and ideas for 2017. First of them is try to write posts in English. While my reading in English is excellent, my writing skills got quite rusty. So I’ll give it a go and try to polish my writing English by not writing in Polish ;). Maybe I’ll go back to my native language, maybe I’ll translate all (or at least some) posts to English. I don’t know yet, this is kind of test drive for me, but let’s try and turn on the hard mode.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m in progress of making new talk and I hope to speak more than in 2016. I’m also thinking about series of posts about AKKA.NET and Actor Model which I’m currently discovering with intent to use in my incoming pet project. Possibilities of programming with actors are amazing and I wish to share them with you.

Also I’m planning to look more closely at F# and machine learning. This topic fascinates me for a long time and I’m really curious what I can do with it. I have some other plans and some of them are pretty big, I’ll announce them when and if they’re ready.

There is one problem with plans and resolutions and it’s basic resource that most of us are more or less lack of. It’s time. While my 2016 was really meaningful, productive and great it was also very and I mean VERY intensive. I guess I can’t do much more in 2017 because I’ll have the same ammount of forementioned resource (even 1 day less to be fair). I guess I’ll just try to not make it any less.

Have a good year 2017 folks!

PS. Now more than ever I’ll need your feedback. Stay with my pretty good, native Polish or go on with my rusty English? I’ll hope you will help me decide.