Get Noticed 2017 #0 – Announcing “Me2.0”

By | February 20, 2017

Exactly one year ago I’ve published first post on this blog. It was simple “Hello world” that were followed by some posts related to 2016 edition of Get Noticed contest and after that by some more or less technical related stuff. Since it’s first anniversary of this first, lame “Hello world” post I can’t just write simple “Hi there” again. And because I’m taking a little breath before 2017 edition of said contest I don’t want to write any hard, technical stuff. So let me tell you about some things that I hope to do in next 3 months.

In case you don’t know anything about Get Noticed contest I’ll give you a little summary. You can read more about it here(in Polish). Main goal is to have any open source project, work on it for at least 3 month and blog about it 2 times a week. I’ve done it year ago and got to finals so I’m already aware next 3 months will going to be intense. That’s main reason for me getting a little break and charging batteries.

I’ve struggled with idea for my pet project for a while. To be honest I’ve been doing something I never should have – I’ve been looking for idea to match technologies that I really, really want to use. You shouldn’t do that in other circumstances than doing some pet project/experiment with no intention to make business value, just to play with some fun toys. So I’ve had some toys in mind for some time now and Get Noticed is great opportunity to put my hands on them.

If you’ve seen my 2017 summary post you know that I am new me now. Kinda Me-2.0. And this will be my project for contest. App that I could use if it would exist. Based entirelly on my own needs, experiences and some ideas I’ve got when talking with other people about self-development and doing fast paced progress in learning anything. Well, at least if I finish this project, if my technology stack would match it needs and if it will be as fun as I think it will be (in worst case I’ll play with things I’ve wanted for a while).

Since my most popular post so far is How to start programming in C# (not yet translated to english sorry) and questions like that are being asked really offten I want some platform for that. I’m thinking about “to-read-list” (if you’re not using Pocket for keeping track on usefull content you should check it) tagged with learning subjects with features like:

  • People on similiar advancement level and interests considered this and that usefull
  • Bot that could answer questions like “what should I see to start learning … “
  • Some browser addon to add and tag “to-read-things” fast…
  • … and maybe encourage you to read something now and then just to keep you warmed up
  • ??? Some other ideas that are already brewing in my head

And since this project and idea are just wrapper for my stack these are the things that I’ll use and cover in upcoming weeks:

  • Microsoft Azure hosting (App Services), Azure Storage, Azure Authenthication and probably some other Azure toys including some fresh and warm ones if I’ll only find uses for them
  • Akka.NET (been waiting to play with that)
  • Nancy (wanted to try that for really long time and I can tell you now – it’s great!)
  • Some kind of Bot Framework and maybe integration with facebook messenger
  • Aurelia.JS (since Dariusz Pawlukiewicz from ForeverFrame recommends it so much)
  • OWIN/OAuth – multiple identity providers related stuff – If I have time for that
  • Maybe some SASS – probably basics since I’m really not into frontend, visual, shiny thingies 😉
  • ??? Probably some more goodnes that I’ll pick along the way

And as the competition starts 1st march, you could expect first post from me then.

Good luck for all other competitors, and if you’re from Poland and haven’t registered yet – don’t be some fucking philopopher and think about it so much, just register already.